Superstition is a podcast about a town and a detective; it’s also a story about how stories form places, and to this end we’re seeking micro-story pitch submissions for Episode 3 of our second season!

Episode concept:

  • Jack St. James is determined to trace the history of Superstition, and determine how and why the mysterious events that plague its citizens seem to be getting worse in the past 15 years. She turns to the book “An Oral History of Superstition and its Surrounding Territory,” by Artemisia Smith (Witch) as a place to start. Each chapter in the book contains a story - the tale of a person, place, or strange event that has happened in Superstition.

  • How Superstition works: What does a history look like in a town where the things that people really, truly believe in (for better or for worse) can sometimes come true? Superstition teeters on the edge of reality - and intense belief or fear or desire can cross that line and bring things into being that might not be possible. It isn’t something people can control, and it rarely happens how we may expect it to. Usually, people aren’t even aware it’s happening to them.

Here are the details:

  • Stories can be allegorical, historical, & the scarier the better - set any time before the podcast begins (modern era) that could conceivably be read about in a history book.

  • Stories can be completely self-contained, different in tone from the show & each other.

  • Single narrator submissions only.

  • Length: Between two and six minutes recorded; between 300 and 1,000 words (though this can vary some).

  • You’ll receive a writing credit in the episode, and a small ($25) compensation for your work.

Please submit a short story pitch to Sarah at, by Monday, July 29. We will select three or four pitch concepts, and work with writers on completing and formatting each story for recording. Complete scripts would have to be finished by the middle of August (date TBD).