Superstition Press Kit


Superstition is a southwestern supernatural audio mystery about a woman looking for long-lost answers, an eclectic group of small-town residents who help and hinder her, a cosmic mystery, and a town in Arizona with a missing persons rate twice the national average. It blends the mysterious, the supernatural, and the in-between, with a dash of humor and horror and an eye for diverse representation.

The complete first season is available today.

Season One includes an Introduction (Episode 0) and 11 full episodes (including a two-part finale), ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. Season One is followed by a 47-minute cast and creator Q&A.


If you like Veronica Mars, J.A. Jance, Stephen King stories (but by and about women), Gravity Falls, Wynonna Earp, or fiction featuring difficult protagonists, spooky small towns, and all things odd and uncanny, you might enjoy Superstition.


Superstition plays with the genres of horror, suspense, and detective storytelling. Listeners who are sensitive to spooky situations and suspense may not enjoy this show.

This show contains: Adult language and situations. Scary situations and suspense, occasional loud noises such as police sirens and gunfire. Depictions of alcohol consumption, and mentions of drug use. Trigger warning for emetophobia.



Superstition is available on our website and on most major podcasting platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and RadioPublic.



Superstition is currently gearing up to release seven mini-episodes (beginning July 2019) to expand the world of Superstition AZ and prepare listeners for Season Two, arriving Fall 2019. During a season, Superstition releases new episodes every two-to-three weeks.


Ex-delinquent. Terrible little sister. Great drinking companion. Private eye. Depends on who you ask, but one thing's for sure—Jacqueline St. James never really got over the mysterious disappearance of her parents when she was a child.

Following a new clue in her family mystery, Jack would up in the town of Superstition, Arizona. Perched on the edge of the Mogollon Rim, Superstition features one dive bar, an underfunded library, four police officers— and the highest number of open missing persons cases in the country. It’s a town full of secrets waiting to be uncovered - and Jack is the woman for the job. If she can avoid getting stabbed, going missing, or getting run out of town, anyway.


Jack St. James arrives in the town of Superstition looking for answers - and what she finds are more questions. When the older sister of a missing town troublemaker asks for Jack's help, she takes the case. Jack goes looking for answers to that mystery as well as her own, only to discover that every town has its secrets— and the ones that Superstition hides bridge old family history with the edges of a world far outside the one she knows.


In the town of Superstition, Arizona, the strange and unusual crawl out of the woodwork like termites. And against her better judgment, Jack St. James is determined to understand them. Monster hunters, wayward morticians, car accidents and curses - nothing is too strange for Superstition’s only working private investigator. Every new case brings her closer to her own unending mystery - and to danger.

Somewhere in between the town’s past and her own future - along with new friendships, authority figures, nosy neighbors, and her own love life - is an explanation. And Jack must decide how far she’ll go to find it.



Superstition is created, written, and edited by Sarah Kolb (@misandrywitch) and produced by Caitlyn Hill. Sound editing support by Amanda Rainey, and production support from Kira Apple.

Supersition’s logo and episode title art is created by Mai Stamatelos.


Sarah Kolb is a writer, with a passion for unconventional storytelling and rude women. During the day she tries to get people hyped up to support community art and theatre programs. She likes murder mysteries, horror stories, uncomfortable honesty as intimacy, beer, killing your authors and lamenting her anguish online. She grew up in Northern Arizona (in the real and not fictional town of Flagstaff), and now lives in Colorado with her two cute dogs & her husband.

Superstition began its life as a neo-noir and urban horror novel draft. It was an exercise to deconstruct the traits that are often associated with literary male detectives - how do we related to these traits and personality when we see them in a woman? What changes when we anchor a standard detective’s backstory - a missing loved one, lifelong trauma, an unfinished mystery - into a specific cultural background (like Jewishness)? And what do the character archetypes that fill detective stories - police informants, mysterious love interests, journalists - look like when you imbue them with their own cultural history? Asking these questions inspired a story where an irascible lady detective navigates mystery, romance, her own past, and her connections to people and place. The story eventually settled in the Southwest, found itself adapted into a script rather than a novel, and the rest is history.



Jack St. James is voiced by Kira Apple (@kiapple)

Tom Madrazo is voiced by Alex Gallegos (@AlexG2490)

Isabella Nalje (Izzy) is voiced by Georie Taylor (@DeltaGeorie) (website)

Jennifer Millay (Jenny) is voiced by Natalie Hunter (@nataliehunter)

Kate Millay is voiced by Amanda Rainey (@amandacrainey)

Duncan O’Connell & Daniel St. James are voiced by Dallas Mugno (@DallasDontCare)

Chief Mark O’Connell is voiced by Nathan Comstock (@nathanacomstock)


Simon Millay is voiced by DJ Neace (@neacedj)

Sam St. James is voiced by Graham Rowat (@GrahamNY) (website)

Oliver Colton Bishop is voiced by Cedric Reeve (@reevecedric)

Ben Bryant is voiced by B. James Marler

Gunner Thompson is voiced by Eleon Clark


Creator Sarah Kolb was interviewed in May 2019 by David Rheinstrom of Radio Drama Revival

Creator Sarah Kolb was interviewed September 2018 by Aidan Wheller for his YouTube channel


“Intriguing plot, great low-key spooky atmosphere, and a very fun setting. This story has a really good blend of the mysterious and the supernatural and the is-it-supernatural-or-not? And I absolutely love the protagonist - hilarious, the perfect level of obnoxiousness to be enjoyable [...]. I really can’t wait to see where this goes from here…”

-kit sherman on iTunes

“Kira Apple lends humor, sensitivity, and fire to the character of Jack St. James. Great writing and the perfect amount of creepiness, but not enough that you can’t listen to it alone at night. I highly recommend it!”

-Ljean517 on iTunes

"In a highly anticipated debut in indie circles, this is the story of Jack St. James, a bisexual and Jewish private detective who ends up in the very strange town of Superstition embroiled in a missing persons case. Through both narrative and sound, this podcast brings to life a true Southwestern gothic atmosphere."

- Elena Fernández-Collins for Bello Collective

"Their detective is a fresh, unique character making a splash in a beguiling town, following a real spooky trail."

- @slidingbookcase

“Superstition is paranormal, a mystery and has more than a touch of the comedic. It is not easy to pull off multiple genres and she does it so well.“

- Celine De Santis

"A female-led detective story set in an Arizona town is so much my jam it's like this show was made just for me."

- @severelytrans

“Beautifully, darkly funny!”

-Recycler4570 on iTunes

"Superstition jump starts and got me hooked right away. It's amazing how much I already know about Jack, but also how much more I HAVE to know."

- @malene_gitte

"This podcast blends supernatural with real life that feels organic and the really nails the small town creepiness on the head."

- @resinquotes

"Superstition has a great strong protagonist that I can't get enough up. She's so interesting & engaging & feels like she could take on anything."

- @BookBanter