What's the recording schedule going to look like?

We hope to launch the show early to mid June, so the bulk of recording time for the first half of the season will take place between the end of February and the end of May. This gives us lots of time to adjust scripts, work with the material, rehearse, record, edit and also get to know each other! 

Are you going to pay me?

That's one goal of this project and the function of the podcast's Patreon - but to start, no. This is a volunteer project until that takes off. 

What kind of time commitment will this be?

For ensemble scenes, we’ll be rehearsing and recording via Skype on weekends. You should expect about 1 hour rehearsal time per episode, and 1 - 2 hours recording time. The schedule ideally will be twice a month up to the podcast's launch. 

In total, that’s about 3 - 4 hours every two weeks, although this doesn’t include your own prep with the scripts. 

Supporting and minor characters will appear in fewer episodes than our main leads, but if you’re auditioning for one of those parts you’ll be asked to make recording and rehearsal commitments for the two or three episodes your character is in.

The schedule for the two protagonists ("Jack" and "Sam") is both more flexible and more of a time commitment. "Jack" has considerable sections of monologue during each episode, but this doesn't need to be recorded with an ensemble group of any kind. Similarly, "Sam" has solo monologues which can be recorded alone. The two characters ("Sam" and "Oliver") featured in Sam's journal entries aren't part of the main ensemble, so their schedule has some flexibility as well.

Can I audition for more than one character?

Yes, but please send us separate files for your reading. One audition form is fine! 

Do I need to be in the US/any specific location?

Nope! You can be anywhere in the world. The recording and rehearsals will take place over Skype. 

Do I need professional experience or equipment?

Not at all. We encourage amateur and beginner actors to audition.

I'm not an actor but I'm interested in graphic design / poster design / editing / directing / etc. Can I be involved?

Yes! Please! Send us an email, we'd love to make it happen.