Recurring Characters

Jacqueline ST. james (Kira apple)

Jacqueline St. James (usually known as Jack) is a 28-year-old private eye who's got a big mouth and small stature. Scrappy, self-sufficient and sarcastic, Jack is usually either getting in over her head or talking her way out of it. Her parents went missing when she was 13 and no, she doesn't want to talk about that. 

kate millay (amanda rainey)

Kate Millay is Jennifer's 23-year-old sister. Bubbly and outdoorsy, she's looking up, outward and away from her small hometown. At the start of Season 1, she was missing.

izzy nalje (georie taylor)

Isabella Nalje (Izzy to her friends) is a bartender at the Davy Jones Locker, usually found pouring your beers and listening to your gossip. She's one of the few people in Superstition who seem to worry about the strange and unexplainable things that happen there. And she may know more than she tells - but if she does, she isn't likely to tell you. 

TOm madrazo (alex gallegos)

Tomas Madrazo (Tom) - that's Lieutenant Madrazo to you he doesn't care that he's known you since he was three! - is an officer with the Superstition Police Force. Tom takes his work, and his life seriously, and is doing his best to get to the bottom of Kate's disappearance. 

JENNY millay (natalie hunter)

Jennifer Millay, Superstition's librarian, is Kate's older sister and they couldn't be more different. Jenny won't accept that Kate's disappearance is just due to her sister's flighty habits, and if the Superstition P.D. won't give her answers she's determined to find them herself.

Duncan o’connell bryant (DALLAS MUGNO)

Duncan O'Connell Bryant is editor-in-chief of Superstition's tiny local paper, the Superstition Daily Caller. Middle-aged, acerbic, and often found affectionately quarreling with the paper's owner, who also happens to be his husband. Often at odds with his older brother, the town's chief of police. 

Chief mark O'Connell (Nathan Comstock)

Chief Mark O'Connell is Superstition's stalwart chief of police. Tasked with the strange and thankless job of keeping order in a town determined to run outside the lines, Chief O'Connell is steadfast in his determination to do so - even if that means keeping secrets up his sleeve. Often at odds with his younger brother Duncan. 

Daniel st. james (DALLAS MUGNO)

Daniel St. James is Jack's older brother, a centered, incredibly patient father of two always ready to offer some advice or a bad joke. Worries about his little sister like it's his job - the most thankless job in the universe. 

Season 1


Ben Bryant is the last living "Son" of Bryant & Sons, a lumbermill-turned-printing press company. Owner of the Superstition Daily Caller, Superstition's local rag. Gruff on the outside but probably cuddly on the inside, with shrewd business sense. 

SIMON millay (dj neace)

Simon Millay, Kate and Jenny's uncle, Simon runs a successful auto shop in Superstition. He was a second parental figure to the girls for most of their lives. Known around town for his willingness to drive out of his way to fix your flat, his tendency to buy everyone in the bar a round of drinks, and his temper.

SAMuel st. james (graham rowat)

Samuel St. James (Sam) is a Civil War officer, natural scientist and cartographer who was born in New York in 1840. He's also Jack's great-great-great-granduncle. He didn't leave much behind beyond a mysterious journal documenting an exploratory trip out West. 

OLIVEr colton bishop (cedric reeve)

Oliver Colton Bishop was a spiritualist, explorer, ghost hunter, fraud - his history depends entirely on the point of view of those telling it. He was born in Kansas in 1841, and vanished mysteriously in 1871 at 30 years old. How and why? Nobody knows. Any journals Bishop may have kept from that last fateful trip West have never been found.

Season 2


Long ago, a woman came to the town of Superstition who didn't belong there. She came alone, and she moved into a house on the outskirts of town, and she kept secrets.

Who exactly is Artemisia Smith? Local author, avid gardener, award-winning pie-maker - witch. And what exactly drew her, long ago, to a strange little town on the edge of a mystery? She had a question, she looked for an answer, and then she made a promise. The rest is history, and story.

Annabelle Black (Sena Bryer)

Annabelle is Jack St. James’s first official case as Superstition’s first mostly-official private eye. She asks for Jack’s help in finding her missing twin brother Leo. Simultaneously forthright, emotional and secretive, she’s difficult for Jack to get an accurate read on.

Leo Black (Josh Vintson)

Leo is Annabelle’s twin brother - and Jack’s first official case as Superstition’s only mostly-official private eye. A filmmaker with a passion for pranks and jump scares, Leo is focused on documenting the story of the town he grew up in - and may have uncovered something that gets him in trouble. Currently missing.

Zachariah Zabinski (RYAN JAMES HORNER)

Zachariah - Zee for short - drives the newspaper delivery van for the Superstition Daily Caller. Unlucky and nervous, he’s pushed to the edge by a mysterious stalker, and turns to Jack for help.

Marvin Talmadge (Philippe levesque)

Marvin is a mortician employed by the county, who is called in to consult on the mysterious and mummified body of El St. James, Jack’s father. Good at his work but often overlooked by colleagues and friends, Marvin’s wildest dreams come true when he finds himself spending some time in Superstition. Good for him, not so great for everybody else…

Chanterelle (Ellie) Youngblood (Alex brown)

Ellie is one-half of a monster & cryptid-hunting webseries. Along with her best friend & co-conspirator Sunny, she comes to Superstition hoping to find any traces of the mysterious Mogollon Monster. Ellie is the believer of this duo - bright-eyed, bubbly, and willing to believe anything.

Sunny Olson (ezra kramer)

Sunny is one-half of a monster & cryptid-hunting webseries. Along with their best friend & co-conspirator Ellie, they come to Superstition hoping to find any traces of the mysterious Mogollon Monster. Sunny is more cautious, often second-guessing decisions and looking to back their opinions with research. However, they have a big blind spot when it comes to Ellie.