Superstition is written and edited by Sarah Kolb, and produced by Caitlyn Hill. Logo design by Mai Stamatelos. Additional audition support from Em Pananas and Jessica Davis. 



Sarah Kolb (creator)

Sarah Kolb is a writer, with a passion for unconventional storytelling and rude women. During the day she tries to get people hyped up to support community art and theatre programs. She likes murder mysteries, horror stories, uncomfortable honesty as intimacy, beer, killing your authors and lamenting her anguish online. She lives in Colorado with her two cute dogs & her husband. And, yes, she did almost kill someone with a squash once. 

caitlyn hill (producer)

Caitlyn Hill is all impulse, no control, and is doing this mostly of her own free will. 

mai stamatelos (illustrator)

Mai makes stuff sometimes, and the logos for Superstition was one of those times. Check back soon for more information about Mai's bookbinding business!


Kira Apple (Jack St. James)

Although performance is her first love, Kira has spent the last few years working toward a Ph.D. in Comparative Studies, focusing on fantasy storytelling in new media forms (like, for instance, podcasts!). In her free time she enjoys reading genre fiction, obsessing over video games, playing D&D, singing, and taking care of her four cats. She is thrilled to be a part of Superstition.

Alex Gallegos (Tom Madrazo)

Born and raised in Colorado, Alex moved to Iowa in 2015. He fell in love with the audio format of storytelling after hearing the original War of the Worlds broadcast, and about the power it held to create imagery in the audience’s mind unmatched by any conceivable feat of cinematography - even by today’s standards.

By day, he is a Systems Administrator, tinkering with computers, technology, and software, but by night, he is... actually pretty much the same thing, just paid less to do it once he’s off the clock.

Isabella Nalje (Georie taylor)

Georie is voice actor and podcaster in Northwest Washington, working locally and online. They’re currently pursuing a culinary arts degree, and when not in front of a stove or a mic they’re usually being overly passionate about media and content creation. They’re happy to be a part of Superstition!

Graham Rowat (Sam St. James)

Graham is a New York based actor and narrator who works on Broadway, TV, audio books, and defending the time stream.

Cedric Reeve (Oliver Colton Bishop)

Cedric is a Seattle based voice actor and paraeducator. He has provided voices for several podcasts, (Lavender Ladies and The Strange Case of Starship Iris to name a few). When he is not working or pursuing his voiceover dreams, Cedric can be found playing D&D, watching Critical Role, or playing his favorite video and board games. 

Natalie Hunter (Jenny Millay)

Natalie is trained as a historian, and loves performance of all kinds. In her free time, she enjoys fantasy and science fiction, superheroes, creative world-building, mythology, and yelling about fandoms. She’s a big fan of coffee and cats, and is super excited to be part of Superstition!



Amanda Rainey (Kate Millay)


DJ Neace (Simon Millay)

DJ Neace shambled out of the heart of the Appalachians, stumbled north, and has claimed a homestead in Arlington, Virginia. When not working for a nonprofit organization that supports survivors of sexual assault, he can be found reading all sorts of fiction, listening to podcasts, playing a myriad of sports, or participating in live theater. He’s also the creator and head writer of the Lonesome Pine Podcast audiodrama. DJ has years of experience playing pretend in the world of Make-Believe and is incredibly excited to be a part of Superstition.

Dallas Mugno (Daniel St. James, Duncan O'Connell)

Dallas has appeared in many stage productions and a few independent films over the last three decades, and now has begun to live his ultimate dream of being of being a voice-actor. While not in front of a microphone, he relaxes with his girlfriend and their four cats in sunny South Florida. Superstition is a great opportunity and he's excited to be spending time in town with this wonderful cast, crew, and story to tell. 

B. James Marler (Ben Bryant)

B. James Marler is a writer and podcaster from Northern Michigan. He is the creator of the podcast Heretic and the upcoming We’re All Lonely People. 

Nathan Comstock (Chief Mark O'Connell)

Nathan Comstock is a  writer and voice actor currently performing the role of the alien creature called Loaf on the audio drama Solutions to Problems, which he also helps write. He can also be heard as Pete on "The Allosauriad" by Haunted Jukebox productions. He is an accomplished performance poet, having competed at the National Poetry slam in 2013, and occasionally performs music around the city with the two-man band "Pirate not Included". He lives in Boston with his wife and three other people because Boston ain't cheap. 

Eleon Clark (Gunner Thompson)

Eleon Clark is a London based actor and writer. When they aren't studying or acting, they spend their time co-writing Galatic Grimm with the Phantom Glitch Podcasts network. In their downtime, they can usually be found obsessing over their latest D&D campaign, reading up on astrophysics, and brazenly wasting time.