Thanks for your interest in auditioning for Superstition! Below are character descriptions for character we are currently casting for. The deadline to audition is February 28, 2018.

Please submit this form, an audio recording of the sample lines for the character or characters you're auditioning for, for along with 1 - 3 minute monologue or reading similar to the personality traits listed for the character, to Sarah at Put the character's name you are auditioning for in the email's subject line.

If you are auditioning for the role of Jack, please submit an audio recording of “Jack’s Monologue."  For Sam, please submit "Sam's Monologue."

This podcast will record in Denver, Colorado and will rehearse and record remotely (unless you live in Denver, of course!) There is no expectation that you own studio-quality mic equipment, but you do need the technical capacity to record audio (Smartphone mic, computer mic, etc.) as well as rehearse remotely (Skype or Google video chat).

Recordings for ensemble scenes will take place on weekends, between March and June 2018. 

Thank you for your interest in being part of Superstition, and please contact us with any questions and read our FAQ!

Main characters:

Jacqueline St. James (Jack)

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Character details: Born in Pennsylvania. White & Jewish - speaks a few words of Hebrew on occasion (has to be able to pronounce l'chaim with conviction). As the storyteller for this series, Jack utilizes both dialogue and monologue and has the most dialogue of any character. 

Personality: Scrappy, self-sufficient and sarcastic, Jack is usually in way over her head or talking her way out of it. Buries her emotions under 45 layers of wit and deflection and self-deprecation. Smarter than she thinks she is. Shorter than you’d expect her to be.

Role: Jack is our protagonist!

Episodes: All

If you are auditioning for the role of Jack, please submit an audio recording of “Jack’s Monologue."


Isabella Nalje (Izzy)

Age: Late 20’s

Character details: Born and raised in Arizona, though she's traveled around a lot. Really deadpan. Rosa Diaz meets Dana Scully - but with a much bigger imagination.

Personality: Level-headed, subdued but snarky, secretly a big worrier and a big dreamer. Izzy doesn't always talk a lot unless she's making fun of someone without them realizing it, but when she does you better pay attention. 

Role: Bartender at Superstition’s local dive. Is definitely already done dealing with your bullshit. Izzy grew up in Superstition and always has one eye on the complicated things going on in town, though she probably doesn’t want you to know that. Main character.

Episodes: All

Sample lines: 

"My family have always been outsiders here. We're not in on it, whatever truth they're all protecting. We're not like them. I could live here for a hundred years and I wouldn't be one of them. But I'm not an idiot. I pour their beer, I listen to their gossip. And I draw my own conclusions."


Tomas Madrazo (Tom)

Age: Late 20’s

Character details: Mexican-American - Tom’s parents are Mexican immigrants. 

Personality: Sincere, a little high strung, romantic

Role: Lieutenant in the Superstition Police Department, Tom is an idealist when it’s inconvenient to be while also a bit of a stickler for the rules. Main character.

Episodes: All

Sample lines:

No, I don't know if they'd have any idea how to catch one but I'll, uh...

We'll look into it. You too. Bye bye. 



No, I don't have any idea if animal control knows how to humanely sedate a chupacabra and I don't plan to find out because they. Are. Not. Real. 


Samuel St. James

Age: Early 30’s

Character details: Born in 1838, Sam is a cartographer and geographer who chronicles his adventures in a journal we get a peek into. Sam’s story is told through a series of three epistolary journal entries. 

Personality: Smarter than he looks and sounds, stalwart and stubborn with a temper, Sam’s got a compassionate streak he buries under a hard head and practical attitude.

Role: Jack’s great-great-something-great-uncle, Sam served in the Union Army during the Civil War and went on to travel with several expeditions charting the western territories of the United States.

Episodes: Sam’s diary entries

Please submit an audio recording of "Sam's Monologue" to audition for this part. 

Secondary characters:

Oliver Colton Bishop

Age: 30

Personality: Curious, earnest and a little too bright. Also bratty.

Role: Spiritualist, explorer, ghost hunter, fraud - his history depends entirely on the point of view of those telling it. Born in Kansas in 1841, and vanished mysteriously in 1871 at 30 years old. How and why? Nobody knows. Any journals Bishop may have kept from that last fateful trip West have never been found. Secondary character. 

Sample lines:

The edge of the map is just the beginning, Mister St. James. This is beyond maps, and books, and things that money can pay for. Beyond imagining. 

Episodes: Sam's diary entries.


Jennifer (JEnny) Millay

Age: 30

Character details: Jenny was born and raised in Arizona. 

Personality: Tidy, severe until she gets emotional. Jenny comes across as uptight and serious, and buries her affection deep. 

Role: The town’s librarian, Kate’s older sister and Tom’s love interest. Secondary character. 

Sample lines:

Nothing we haven't argued about before. I'm worried she has no direction, she's frustrated I don't trust her to make her own choices. It wasn't even that heated, really. We've had that conversation a hundred times and we've been meaner to each other about it. I told her she needs to think about her future, she said "You aren't my mother." 


I just can't stop thinking that it could be the last thing my sister ever says to me. "You aren't my mother." I just wanted... 

Episodes: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10. 


Kate Millay

Age: 23

Character details: Born and raised in Arizona.

Personality: Bubbly, outdoorsy, looking up, outward and away from her small hometown.

Role: Jenny’s younger sister. Currently missing.

Sample lines:

The darkest part of the forest in some fairy tale. The heart of all evil. It's got nothing on the desert alone at night.

You a novelist now? Dumbass. That'd make your sister happy. 

What's that thing granddad used to say? Things that live out here. Serial killers, old witches, ghosts of the long dead. Cross your heart, say your prayers and they can't get in your house. I mean, he had a horseshoe hung over his front door and I don't think that had anything to do with prayers.

Episodes: 1, 3, 9, 10.


Simon Millay

Age: Middle-aged

Personality: Can-do guy who will always do you a favor, but with a real temper that can surprise you.

Role: Kate and Jenny’s uncle, a mechanic in town. Secondary character. 

Sample lines:

Don't tell me what to do, missy! You know what these people are doing? Sitting around drinking while my niece is out there God-knows-where? Jenny's been asking for answers for days now and I go in there today and Captain O'Connor just says they're working on it! What the hell does that mean? 

Episodes: 3, 5, 8, 9, 10.


CHIEF MARk o'connell

Character description: Chief of the Superstition police force, and Duncan O'Connell's older brother. They don't get along. 

Role and personality: Chief O'Connell is the law-abiding chief of police. Well-ordered with a strict eye for scrutiny, he wants things in his town to run how he likes them. Ambiguously villainous. Secondary character

Sample lines:

There's an order to how things proceed in this town. And it's my job to keep that order. That order does not account for nosy private eyes who stick their fingers where they aren't wanted and start turning over stones best left where they lay. Am I clear?

Episodes: 5, 7, 8, 9, 10

Minor characters:

Ben Bryant

Character description: Middle-aged. Black. Born in Superstition. Very gay.

Role and personality: The default-to-cranky owner of the Superstition Daily Caller, always in need of another cup of coffee. Secretly a big softie. Minor character

Sample lines:

Feel free to ignore him. Duncan collects gossip and folklore and weird tales like it's his job. Which it isn't. His job is to edit the sports column this afternoon.

Episodes: 2, 10.


Duncan O’Connell Bryant

Character description: Middle-aged. White - very Irish Catholic. Born - Superstition, Arizona. Married to Ben.

Role and personality: The acerbic, quick-witted Editor in Chief of the Superstition Daily Caller. Not-so-secretly a big softie. Minor character

Sample lines:

I am ready and eager and bracing myself. Please, entertain me. Things are a snail's pace in town today and I'm due to go proofread a story on our middle school tennis team. I hate tennis. 

Notes: Ben & Duncan are currently written as male characters, but can be written as female characters depending on audition interest. 

Episodes: 2, 6, 10.


Gunner thompson

Character description: Early 20's, outdoorsy, earnest. 

Role and personality: Kate Millay's boyfriend, a wildlands firefighter who looks more or less exactly like his name. He's got a beard. He wears a lot of plaid. Minor character

Sample lines:

You probably think I just like her 'cause she's hot but she's really smart and good at a bunch of stuff. Most of the stuff she thinks is funny I don't get but I don't care. She taught me how to change a tire once. And gut a fish.

Episodes: 3.


Daniel st. james

Character description: Mid to late 30's, a married father of two. Jack's older brother. 

Role and personality: Jack's older brother, seven years her senior. Daniel is level-headed with a goofy sense of humor and an engrained worrying habit, both of which his sister brings out in him. Minor character (for now).

Sample lines:

I don't think that, not really, I just know that you can't keep doing this. Running off from your problems, going after something that's not gonna happen. I worry about you Jacko - someone's got to. The stuff you do, sometimes I think about - about Mom and how she'd get - 

Episodes: 3, 6