Thanks for your interest in auditioning for Superstition Season 2! This 10-episode season explores and expands the strange goings-on of the town of Superstition, and we’re casting 6 parts - largely the inhabitants and visitors who come through the newly-formed Jack St. James Detective Agency for help.

The deadline to audition is July 31, 2019.

Here are the details!

  • Recording for Season 2 will begin in the middle of August 2019 - episodes will be recorded chronologically.

  • Must be available to record scenes with the cast

  • Recording time for one episode is around 1 - 2 hours. 

  • We do record remotely using Google Video, so audio equipment and a laptop with a webcam is required. It doesn’t have to be world-class -- we prioritize talent & enthusiasm over experience or owning the right tech.

  • All cast members will receive a small stipend for their work

  • Please note gender & ethnicity descriptions. For several characters, ethnicity is unspecified and can be flexible and adapted for more specifics based on actor backgrounds if so desired.


  • Please send an audio file with the sample lines, any samples, reel or demo work, and your contact information in an email to Sarah, at

  • Please record your sample lines in the environment you’d record in

  • Include the word audition and the character or characters you’re submitting for in the subject line. 

  • If you’re auditioning for multiple characters, please send us multiple audio files - in the same email is fine.

This podcast is based in Denver, Colorado and will rehearse and record remotely (unless you live in Denver, of course!) There is no expectation that you own studio-quality mic equipment, but you do need the technical capacity to record audio (Smartphone mic, computer mic, etc.) as well as rehearse remotely (Skype or Google video chat).

Thank you for your interest in being part of Superstition, and please contact us with any questions and read our FAQ!


Name: Annabelle Black

Character description: She/her pronouns. Ethnicity unspecified. Reads as a somewhat severe mid-thirties, but age can be flexible. 

Role and personality: Annabelle is Jack St. James’s first official case as Superstition’s first mostly-official private eye. She asks for Jack’s help in finding her missing twin brother Leo. Simultaneously forthright, emotional and secretive, she’s difficult for Jack to get an accurate read on. 

Sample lines: 


There isn’t anything you can say to make this better. No excuse you can wield, no tale you can spin. You let me down. You let my brother down. I’m not finished, Ms. St. James. I can’t be finished until I know that I am right and you are wrong. I have no idea where that ends, but I don’t think you’re going to like it very much. Don’t speak. I’m not interested in what you have to say.

Notes: Annabelle appears in the first episode of this season, in a case that doesn’t go well. She reappears - more antagonistically - later on. 

Episodes: 1, 7

Name: Julian (Jules) Madrazo

Character description: Tom Madrazo’s deceased older brother. Perpetually 19, but also a lot older. Did I mention he’s a ghost? He/him pronouns. Latino - of Mexican descent. 

Role and personality: Tom’s older brother vanished under mysterious circumstances when he was 19 years old. Dead but not gone - Tom is beginning to learn the truth behind Jules’ disappearance. Interestingly enough, he might learn it from Jules himself. 

Sample lines: 

Do you think it’s been fun for me, being dead? It took me a long time to realize that’s what I was. Being trapped like this is its own kind of Hell. There’s nothing glorious about it. It’s not exactly “Meet other young, fun, dead single men!” for the rest of forever. Eternity is a grind, and I know more about the past and the future than anybody should.

Episodes: 4, 6 & 10 (with one or two lines of dialogue in episodes 1 & 2)

Name: Zachariah Zabinski

Character description: Late teens or early twenties. Referred to as a “young man” by Duncan, which means younger than about 40. Ethnicity unspecified. 

Role and personality: Zach drives the newspaper delivery car for the Superstition Daily Caller. Unlucky and nervous, he’s pushed to the edge by some mysterious occurrences and turns to Jack for help. 

Sample lines: 

I’m aware of how I come across. I’ve got a stupid name and a ridiculous job and nobody takes me seriously! I’m a paper boy! I have to wear these shorts! And I’m saying that all of that is gonna come to an end, unless you help me. My stupid and ridiculous life will be as short as these shorts because something - yeah, something - is following me.

Notes: Referred to in passing by Duncan & Ben in 1x02. 

Episodes: 2

Name: Marvin Talmadge

Character description: Male - He/him pronouns. Middle-aged. Scientific and a little sour. A mortician.

Role and personality: Marvin is a mortician employed by the county, who is called in to consult on the mysterious and mummified body of El St. James, Jack’s father. Good at his work but often overlooked by colleagues and friends, Marvin’s wildest dreams come true when he finds himself spending some time in Superstition. Good for him, not so great for everybody else… 

Sample lines: 

If we can bring our attention back to the body on the table? That is why you’re here, right? You can see the long, diagonal cut across the sternum. Not the killing blow though. Someone did that for fun. Time has weathered most of what this corpse can tell me, but it hasn’t erased that. Why do you look so ill? 

Notes: An accidental villain who becomes an enthusiastic and a bit hammy villain by the end of the episode. Both subdued, irritable & plotting. 

Episodes: 5

Name: Chanterelle (Ellie) Youngblood

Character description: Mid-twenties, plucky and open-minded. Ethnicity unspecified. She/her pronouns. 

Role and personality: Ellie is one-half of a monster & cryptid-hunting webseries. Along with her best friend & co-conspirator Sunny, she comes to Superstition hoping to find any traces of the mysterious Mogollon Monster. Ellie is the believer of this duo - bright-eyed, bubbly, and willing to believe anything. 

Sample lines: 

Okay people - buckle up, brace yourselves, and get ready for another thrilling episode of…. Ellie! And Sunny! Meet. The. Unknown. 

This week, we’re taking you with us to the state of Arizona. It’s hot. It’s big. It’s on the border. And it’s home to one of the most terrifying monsters we’ve heard described. 

No! I don’t mean Joe Arpaio! I’m talking about…. The Mogollon Monster.

Notes: Bubbly and optimistic to a fault. Some unresolved romantic tension with her BFF slash co-creator.

Episodes: 8

Name: Sunny Olson

Character description: Mid-twenties, smart, a little bookish, and skeptical. Ethnicity unspecified. Nonbinary - they/them pronouns. 

Role and personality: Sunny is one-half of a monster & cryptid-hunting webseries. Along with their best friend & co-conspirator Ellie, they come to Superstition hoping to find any traces of the mysterious Mogollon Monster. Sunny is more cautious, often second-guessing decisions and looking to back their opinions with research. However, they have a big blind spot when it comes to Ellie.

Sample lines: 

Well, Ellie, if you turn left at “huge leap of faith” avenue, pass by “certain doom” overpass, and take the square root of shove it up your ass while you’re on the way- we’ll arrive at some kind of logical conclusion. 


If you spot the turn in the road that’ll take us there, let me know.

Notes: Skeptical and analytical to a fault. Some unresolved romantic tension with their BFF slash co-creator.

Episodes: 8